Bruno Maruca Dental Assistant

Manager and Certified Lead Dental Assistant

Wellness Dental Care | Pediatric Dentistry, Dermal Fillers and Invisalign reg

More about Bruno

Bruno was born in Italy, and came to the US in 1997. He was always good at studies and sports as a child. One additional interest he had was that he loved going to the dentist, and was always interested in maintaining excellent oral care. Due to this interest in teeth, he became fascinated with the field of dentistry and enrolled as a dental assistant.

He passed his class with flying colors from Porter and Chester institute in 2014. Since then he has worked as an accomplished lead dental assistant for 8 years, handling dental assistant and compliance responsibilities effortlessly .He is a radiology certified dental assistant. as well.

The biggest reason why he loves dentistry he says is "I love talking and interacting with patients which make my day:)".

Due to this additional qualification he is also assigned an additional role of the Manager at Wellness Dental Care. He loves his twin roles and tries to make a positive impact for all the patients.

Bruno is fluent in Italian, English and Spanish. He loves eating food , especially Italian, of course which is his favorite cuisine:) and can talk hours about why Italian food is the Best :).

Apart from work, he loves spending time with family, and his hobbies include playing soccer, hiking and he also loves dogs.

Bruno believes in "keep smiling and take one day at a time" :)

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